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Do not buy this product They are a piece of junk. This is exactly what happened to me with an ice maker from this company.

I bought my first one and it lasted for one year. So I learned that is about all they last so I bought my second one expecting a year but got only 5 months.Now this thing is suppose to be under warranty for one year. First they wanted to know where, when and how much we paid for it. We sent that info, then one month later they wanted the serial number and the model number, sent that.

Then another month later they wanted a picture of the front and back which would have shown them the numbers but we sent the picture. Another month went buy and they wanted us to send the maker in. I had the original box with a label on it but it was not for return postage. We took it in to mail and they wanted $54.00 to return it.

We called and complained and they said just return it the cheapest way which turned out to be $37.00. No way are we paying for a third of the price to return it. Return shipping should have been included in the warranty. I guess this thing goes to the dump.

It is now the first of Oct.

and this broke down the first of June. From now on I will buy my ice from the grocery store and I repeat they are junk.

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