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We bought an igloo chest freezer and less thsn a year it quit working. It still has manufacturing warranty on it so we contacted there customer service and they told us to ship back cord and serial and model number back along with email so we did and put serial number sticker and model number sticker on printer paper and sent it.

They are saying they never received it which is a lie.

So we keep calling and have been told multiple times a supervisor will call us but they never do. They need to reevaluate the people they have working for them and dont waste your time buying any of there products apparently if something happens to it your screwed over by these people

Product or Service Mentioned: Igloo Products Freezer.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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We had a similar experience. Bought an igloo refrigerator last November and it died on Christmas Eve of this year.

We had to email tons of pictures, copies of receipts and serial number bar codes, and they responded with an email that was 4 sentences long and didn't address anything I had sent.

The phone number they post is actually a call center paid by Curtis international- so you can't ever actually speak to someone who works for the company. Igloo should really look at the company whose products are carrying their brand name...

to Warm Refrigerator #1435757

Agree - Igloo, you are losing your reputation by working w/ this company. had a similar experience w/ an igloo countertop icemaker, am trying to make as many people as possible aware to not buy anything w/names on them that curtis reps.

you can look up their company on google and see what brands they sell. BAAAAAAD experience and costly..

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